Watering systems

Rain, reinvented by K?rcher. K?rcher's extensive range of watering equipment will bring a smile to the faces of garden lovers everywhere. Pumps and watering products designed to work in perfect unison allow you to work responsibly with your natural resources. This ensures that precious water is used in the most effective and economical way. Innovative technology and precise sensors ensure that your plants are provided with exactly the volume of water that they require to grow. To ensure that you can take maximum pleasure from the natural beauty of your garden, K?rcher provides maximum-efficiency nozzles, spray guns, sprinklers, hoses, water timers, pumps, hose connection systems and storage systems. Whichever K?rcher product you use, you know you have made the right choice.

K?rcher  Nozzles and spray lances

Nozzles and spray lances

Right on target: K?rcher garden nozzles and spray lances have an ergonomic design and are extremely easy to use. You can adjust the spraying pattern to suit your needs.

K?rcher  Connectors/Tap adaptors

Connectors/Tap adaptors

Connecting, (de)coupling and repairing: the K?rcher range offers compatible connectors for all available click systems and common hose diameters.

K?rcher  Hoses


K?rcher garden hoses are extremely flexible, robust and kink-resistant, so nothing will get in the way of you maintaining your garden!

K?rcher  Sprinklers


Water right into the corners: whether it's large or small, flat or sloping, you will always find the right solution for your garden in our extensive range of circular sprinklers.

K?rcher  Hose storage and hose trolley

Hose storage and hose trolley

New-found freedom to move: at long last the hose can be moved effortlessly from A to B on the hose trolley, meaning that laboriously dragging it through the garden is a thing of the past.

K?rcher  Automatic watering

Automatic watering

When you're away on holiday, the last thing you want to worry about is your garden: And with water timers from K?rcher you don't have to – they can control your watering system according to an exact schedule.

K?rcher  K?rcher Rain System?

K?rcher Rain System?

The K?rcher Rain System? is the perfect complement to hedges, bushes, vegetable patches and flowerbeds. The water is sprinkled exactly where it's needed and nothing is wasted – which is good for the environment and your wallet.